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ProThink research

         - Brings experience and empirical findings together

This page is in English for the benefit of our international partners and collaborators. 

ProSpons has a unique opportunity to conduct research on a subsection of the population, who are usually omitted from standard population-wide research, on account of the logistical difficulties of inclusion. 

It is our experience, that inmates have a disproportionally high prevalance of psychological and psychiatric problems, ranging from diagnoses to substanceabuse. 

Our aim is to develop our research and make our findings available to other researchers and other interested parties, who work in penitentiaries or with crime in general.  

Projects, presentations and papers

Louise F. Harboe

M.Sc. Psychology

Mental States of Inmates in a Maximum Security Penitentiary


The aim of the study was to examine the mental states of inmates serving a prison sentence in a maximum security penitentiary.

Project published in Wien, autum 2015, at the RAN conference. 

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